Five Things To Avoid In Booking

Don’t just place a booking, understand the process.

  1. Never pay for booking fee direct to the HOST; Some of the guests will always tend to go for a shortcut while booking for a space to stay during their vacation. Unfortunately, 90% of such deals will always end up with disputes that lead to waste of time, money and frustrations. In such a scenario, SanBnB will not be in a position to help you out of the mess. Be smart, always book via SanBnB and get the best experience in a row.
  2. Avoid booking late; plan your vacation as early as 6months to. Check availability of the place that you want to stay and pay for reservation as early as possible. Making reservations the last minutes might frustrate you as most spaces might be occupied at the time you want to travel, and the prices might be higher too.
  3. Always be keen with the arrival & departure date & time; this allows the host to plan in advance and appropriately. It would be very disappointing to confuse your arrival dates although SanBnB shall always remind you of the reservation you did.
  4. Counter check properly all the amenities that you may need during your stay; at SanBnB we offer you exactly what you need. If the hosts did not offer the exact amenities as defined in the listing, SanBnB shall move the guest to another host within the shortest time possible and that host shall be suspended by SanBnB.
  5. Consider to travel and arrive during the day time; this will come in hand if the host short changes you with an unkept space. But this will rarely happen with SanBnB hosts as we’ve professionally sorted the best host around the globe; and if you happen to fall in such situation, we shall swiftly relocate you as per our terms and conditions.

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