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A spotter is a guest or traveler who books and stays in a BnB or staycation; and would like to recommend the place to Sanbnb by posting the staycation, it's services and location. The place must be amazing, highly rated and super good for other guests to book. The spotter can also list a Workspace or Experiences.

Note: The listing shouldn't be existing in Sanbnb.

  • To be a spotter you MUST have booked and stayed in the BnB you want to recommend or list.
  • Take clear images/videos of the staycation; focusing on the rooms, amenities and washrooms and upload a minimum of 5 images in the listing.
  • Sanbnb will conduct a verification exercise before approving the listing.
  • Once approved the owner of the BnB or Staycation will be able to claim ownership from Sanbnb at no cost.
  • Sanbnb will reward a spotter with 5 loyalty points on every approved listing.
  • Go ahead! Capture a BnB or staycation and earn during your stay.

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